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RADeducators Certification

The RADeducators program is focused on cultivating a sustainable practice of mindfulness, positivity, responsibility, passion, healthy relationships and presence for students to take with them throughout their dynamic lives both in and out of school. Click the image to learn more or to register TODAY!

RADyoga 200hr Teacher Training

RADyoga 200hr Teacher Training welcomes both students who want to deepen their practice and those who would like to share the practice of yoga through teaching! The only thing better than experiencing the practice of yoga for yourself is sharing it with others and seeing the way it can create lightness and positive change.

RADminis Preschool

RADminis Preschool Fall Registration is LIVE! We are so excited to be continuing with our SECOND year of this program. Click the image for all the details, and to learn more about why our preschool is the right one for YOUR little one!

RADyouth 12-week Sessions

It’s time to register your kids ages K-12 for our RADyouth sessions! We have made a few BIG + AMAZING changes to the structure of our programs, click the image above to check out what’s different, and to sign up!

RADseries :: Discovering Yoga in the Body

Come discover all the benefits of yoga + how yoga can help you connect to all parts of the human experience. Learn + experience the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connections you can make through different styles of yoga and meditation. This series is the perfect place to start yoga, experience different styles you may not have thought to try, and to connect deeper to yourself through movement, breath + music. Click the picture above to learn more!

FALL in love with HIIT Challenge

We're challenging YOU to see how many HIIT classes you can make it to, between September 23 - October 4th! YES, YOU GET GOLD STARS. Like we could ever do a challenge without stars/stickers again. you have 21 chances to make it to rebelHIIT and/or HOTCORE during those 12 days, who can make it to the most?! Nothing wrong with a little FRIENDLY competition! ;) Click the Image to find out more + to register!

Waking up RAD :: Mini Challenge

Does starting a morning movement routine seem like a huge commitment? Well, we’re taking baby steps AGAIN this Fall with ONE week to kick-start your morning movement routine! Join us October 21-25. You can do it! Expect epic playlists, warm morning hugs, and a feel good flow or sweat ;) There’s no better way to start your day… if we do say so ourselves! Click the image for more details, registration will be live SOON!

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding education leads to breastfeeding success! Get breastfeeding off to the best start by attending a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class. This class is taught by two Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). Tara-Jean Thiessen (Milky Way Lactation Services) and Lorna Hillier (Nourished by Nature Lactation Services) have many years of experience working with breastfeeding families and are very passionate about breastfeeding education. The next class is September 22nd! Click the image for more info + to register!




Meet theRADcrew

We THRIVE on good vibes, hugs, and chocolate. These humans are making it possible to live your RADdest life possible. Meet the crew!






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