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This 6 week series welcomes expectant women who are ready to step into their primal power by connecting with their intuition. Led by Katie Higgins, an experienced Doula and certified Yoga Teacher, who will share her knowledge of making informed + personalized decisions that YOU connect to. She will inspire you with her wisdom about how to achieve an empowering birth + a safe and sacred space of your own, to bring your baby into your life!


Discover how you change your life by shifting your energy, embracing your infinite potential and unlocking your highest SELF. Tap into your intuition to discover your life’s purpose. Gain tools to align and design the life you know you’re here to live. Become brave enough to rebel against who you’ve been taught to be and trust in your inherent abilities to manifest the divine abundance that is meant for you

RADyoga 200hr Teacher Training

Our philosophy is to find the freedom to feel RADIANT, be AUTHENTIC and live DYNAMICALLY. RADyoga 200hr Teacher Training welcomes both students who want to deepen their practice and those who would like to share the practice of yoga through teaching! The only thing better than experiencing the practice of yoga for yourself is sharing it with others and seeing the way it can create lightness and positive change!

RADeducators Certification

This training program will consist of 3 days of intensive wellness programming as well as basic yoga instruction that will allow you to take back the RADeducator ideas and implement them right away in your own classroom, team, club or school. You will receive a manual, basic yoga instructional tools, community supports an discounted access to the online lessons and supports for further learning.


This 6 week  series will have moms and tots working together on yoga, breath work, play and dance. This is a one mom to one child class in a kid-safe space. Breast/bottle feeding, snacks, toys, meltdowns welcome! Please be respectful of all families, if your little one is unwell, stay home and rest up buttercups!





Meet theRADcrew

We THRIVE on good vibes, hugs, and chocolate. These humans are making it possible to live your RADest life possible. Here is our RADcrew:







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