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Buti Yoga @ the Dino Museum

Friday March 1

We're taking the magic of theRADlife buti yoga class on a field trip to the Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum! Primal movement with prehistoric surroundings? FUN! Sweaty + satisfying practice, then a glass of wine or kombucha? YASS, please. DINO-bus to and from the museum? Say no more!

Join theRADcrew for a night of buti yoga @ the Dino Museum. Here’s how it will work:

  • Dino-bus pick up at theRADlife studio 5:45pm Class starts @ 6:30

  • Followed by a lil yogi social with wine or kombucha at the Dine-O-saur Lounge.

  • Back at theRADlife between 8:30-9pm

  • Have your own ride? No problem, chose the pricing option that doesn’t include transportation.

Space is limited on the bus. So RSVP by choosing the payment option with transportation. Both price option include one beverage of your choice!

This event is 18+

Price with Dino-bus pick up: $40 (YOU save 10%)

Price without Dino-bus pick up: $30 (YOU save 10%)

Click below to reserve your spot!