Amanda Udey

instagram handle / @amandaudey.yogini

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facebook page / Amanda Udey Yoga

What inspires you?

Helping others. Not to sound too cliche, but I truly do feel inspired when I know what I am doing is helping other people.

Fun fact?

I once had a commercial on TV all about me! I was awarded a scholarship for my volunteer work, and Global TV came and did a commercial about me and the organizations I worked with.

In 3 words how would you describe your teaching style?




Your yoga love story – when/how did you fall in love with yoga?

I dabbled in yoga classes here and there ever since high school, but I really fell in love with yoga about 4 years ago. My sister and I went to a class in Canmore, that happened to be the full Ashtanga primary series, which neither of us had ever practiced before. It was physical and challenging, and one of the hardest practices I had ever done, but in the middle of it something happened and I felt an energetic shift.  It was amazing, and I left feeling totally inspired.  I hadn’t been craving that experience ever since, and eventually found that by consistently showing up to practice I began to feel that same shift inside of me.  That is when I truly fell in love with yoga and continue to show up for myself everyday.