Discover: Yin Yoga

Based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist teachings, yin yoga is an exceptional practice to round out active and muscular yoga practices. Postures are held for 3 - 5 minutes, with an intention to let the muscular body soften, so we may explore into the deep connective tissues of the body. Join us for this one time workshop to gain new insights on this unique style of yoga, the myths of yin yoga, the science behind "why we yin", the benefits of a yin yoga practice and perhaps walking away with a deeper appreciation for this poetic practice of stillness and surrender. 

Discover Yin Yoga is a 2 hour workshop, led by Kerri Presslee and Terina Fells. The morning will include an intentional mindfulness centering, introduction into yin yoga anatomy and philosophy, a 90 minute practice to improve the energy flow of your mind/body, and a glorious savasana to conclude a morning of learning and exploration. 

This workshop is open to all levels, no experience required. 

Please allow yourself to wear warm and comfortable clothes. 

A journal is recommended to take notes or transcribe insights, if it calls to you.