RADcourse :: Empowered Parenting through Human Design


Sunday, March 24 @ 10am-5pm (with a lunch break)

A 7 hour in studio transformational course in Human Design and Parenting. Cort will give you the Blueprint to your souls path and purpose as well as your kids, giving you a deep understanding of your unique designs and guiding you through how to help your children thrive and live as their authentic selves.

Do want to give your kid guidance that will enrich the rest of their lives, and will allow them to stay true to themselves despite what the world around them is saying?

Do you wish your kid came with a manual? Well, they did. Understanding your kids unique Human Design chart is like getting a guidebook in how to best parent and empower them to be the authentic being their here to be.

Empowered Parenting through Human Design is a powerful and holistic course to help you understand yourself and your child. It allows you to see your child in a different way. By knowing their unique energetic blueprint and getting clarity in your parenting style, you can empower yourself to live and parent in the most easeful and purposeful way possible.

This course is for parents who want to not only raise healthy, confident and resilient children but who also want to enjoy the parenting process. It is designed to give you clarity in how you can best parent in a way that supports the evolution of your kids beautiful soul and guide them to develop the skills necessary to be able to navigate life and the world around them.


The Human Design System is a method of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation. It brings awareness and light to your emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic makeup, giving you self-empowering tools to align with your unique design and up-level to your highest potential in every area of your life.

Human Design brings together the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, Astrology, I Ching, Chakras, modern science, Quantum Physics and Genetics. All you need to know is your birth information and you get a unique operating manual that tells you how you are designed to make decisions, communicate and thrive. Once you start to live your design you get in flow with your authentic self and then it becomes so much easier to manifest what you truly want in life with every decision you make.


Imagine a world where we worried less about trying to be like everyone else and instead spent our time being exactly how we are. Kids and under so much pressure to find themselves, well being influenced and conditioned by adults who usually haven’t found themselves. This course will reduce confusion, stress and frustration. Giving you your own personal blueprint and guidebook to your kids energetic anatomy.

Cortnie will give you a clear understanding of you kids unique design, and help you discover the healthiest and most aligned way for you to parent. Each of us effect and influence each other on a daily basis, and we especially influence the younger people around us. The more aware and responsible we become with how we communicate, make decisions and live, the more purposefully and powerfully we can impact our kids lives. This course is a process of self-discovery and discovery of your child. It will give you a deep understanding of your advanced chart and your kids. Giving you priceless tools for helping guide your children to live aligned with who they are here to be.

By understanding your child’s unique energy blueprint you will gain tools to have a strong, loving, mutually respectful relationship with your child. This course will give you deep awareness that will help you:

+ know your kids energy type

+ know your energy type and how to live it and parent purposefully, with more ease

+ know the difference between the 5 energy types, manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors

+recognize and understand the uniqueness in your child

+ draw out the genius that resides in your child

+ teach you how you’re designed to best use your energy to be the parent you want to be

+know how to connect and communicate with your children

+see unconscious behaviour patterns that can get in the way of your parenting

+ understand your kids greatest gifts and how to nurture them

+ know how your kids aura + energetic body is designed interact with others

+ know how to understand the nine energy centers and what it means if they are defined or undefined

+ see how your child is affecting your energy

+ get clarity in how to teach them to be self-empowered and resilient in who they innately are

+ show them love and attention in a way that best nurtures them

+ understand your conditioning and the way its influencing your parenting

+ empower yourself to live and parent with purpose

+ know how your child best makes decisions, learns, eats, sleeps and thrives

+ know how to use your Human Design chart and your kids as a lifelong guide to living your best lives

+ understand how to know when your child is living as their ‘not-self’ and how to help them align with their ‘true-self’

+ understand how to know when your living and parenting as your ‘not-self’ and how to align with your ‘true-self’

+ know how to listen to your individual inner authority so you can make decisions that are aligned with your inner truth

+ know how to guide your kid to cultivate the skill of listening to their inner authority

+ know the difference between emotional + non-emotional inner authority and what that means in your household and life

+ set boundaries that are healthy and helpful for your relationship with your kid

+ teach them to trust themselves when it comes to making decisions

+ understanding your kids specific needs and preferences

+ feel empowered to parent out of love and not fear

+ make conscious choices that align with you, your kid and your household by feeling connected to your truth rather than the conditioning around you

The most powerful thing we can all do is live aligned with our design, Cortnie will give you the power to do that, as well as the power to parent in the best and healthiest way for you, your child and your household. This is not about changing who you are, it’s about remembering who we’ve always been and giving yourself permission to live as your authentic self. By doing that you will lead by example for your child, becoming a role model for them.

By learning your kids unique Human Design and treating them accordingly, you can give them the gift of self-acceptance. By respecting and guiding them to love their uniqueness in a correct way you will empower them to thrive and their authentic selves. Parenting is not easy, even with the best of tools. Seeing your children through their unique Human Design chart is an awakening experience. It clears the veils of preconceptions and allows you to raise your child in a way that honors his or her true nature and strengths.

Knowing your own Design and that of your child allows for clarity as to what is changeable and what are your genetically-driven family dynamics. Knowing what cannot be altered in the family dynamics, you are freed from trying to change what is not meant to be changed, giving you direction in how to cultivate a healthy environment and nurturing relationships within your family and household.

If you’re READY to change your life and the lives of your children and family, sign up NOW for this powerful and transformational course.

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