FlowerPOWER Challenge

March 16-24

Do you want stickers? We'll give you stickers... If you show up for yoga that is!

Challenge (2).png


March's challenge is the Flower Power Challenge, and it kicks off on our Birthday! March 16th theRADlife turns 3, and we want you to come celebrate with us! Join us for DOUBLE STICKERS on our Birthday! The challenge runs the 16th to the 24th, that's 10 days of RAD goodness, and lots of time to get to yoga so you can WIN some awesome prizes!

Important Info:

BUT WAIT. This time (to keep US more organized) you need to PRE-REGISTER for our challenge, and to pre-register we're accepting minimum donations of $20 for the Sunrise House here in Grande Prairie. We appreciate your support of our studio over the last 3 years, and want to give back to our community! You can donate + sign up all at once on our app, or in studio BEFORE March 16th!

Sunrise House:

The Sunrise House provides emergency shelter to youth ages 12-17 who have become or at risk of becoming homeless. They provide a safe and supportive environment encouraging healthy decision making and help to strengthen coping skills. To learn more about the Sunrise House, click the ‘Learn More’ button below, or ask one of our Staff Members!