Handstand Clinic

When: Wednesday, August 28th


Led by Gary Hamer, this handstand workshop is for beginners and intermediates. We’ll start with a dynamic warm-up, foundational information and start with some wall work and progress to your individual capacity together and individually.

Why? Not only are handstands are a complex movement, with the right tools + attitude, they are super fun and a rewarding challenge! You will learn how to prepare your body and be able to assess where you need to work on to progress in your practice. We’ll go over drills + exercises using the wall or progressing to freestanding work in the middle of the room.

Check out @rad.gary on Instagram over the next few weeks where he will be sharing his knowledge to prepare you for getting the most out of the workshop.

Cost: $45

** clubRAD members save 10% OR they can use their FREE member workshop! Contact us to use it!

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