RADworkshop :: Intuitive + Intentional Flowshop 

When: Sunday, February 24 @ 3:00-5:30pm

Our intuition is a powerful tool – you've experienced that feeling in the pit of your stomach when weighing a decision. That is your intuition – your internal teacher – talking loud and clear. When you trust our gut, it can help you make some of the most difficult decisions. It's also the nature of intuition to spark and guide creativity, and because creativity is so personal – there is no calculated reasoning or planning to force it.

Join Candace for a 2 1/2 hour flowshop to connect to your intuition and set your intention for the month ahead. Beginning the workshop with a meditation to help you connect to your intuition, you'll then set whatever intention feels right to you. After the meditation, you'll play with watercolour paints to create your own unique artwork! You'll move through an intuitive flow to get you in tune with your body, and at the end, you'll write or paint your intention onto your work of art.

Intuition on its own can often lack direction or definition; this is where the power of intention comes in. Setting an intention, letting go of control over the process and allowing your intuition to guide the way is the most powerful way to follow your path. Letting go of control is not chaos. Letting go of control is finding yourself in a deeper capacity. Letting go of control is trusting that you have everything you need within you.

Price: $45 (clubRAD members save 10%)

If your gut response is telling you to sign up for this workshop, click below! This workshop has limited space, so if you feel drawn to it, sign up ASAP!

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