Kirstie Mann

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instagram handle / @rad.kirstie

What inspires you?

music. music. music. and other people sharing their magic.

currently, I'm pulling inspiration from spotify (the most incredible tool for finding new music and making playlists), mobility work (Lara Heimann, Jenn Pilotti, Tiffany Cruickshank) authenticity work (Stephanie Birch, Rachel Brathen, Bee Bosnak) and of course the RAD family - seriously everyone I work with brings passion and authenticity to their teaching every day. It's incredible.

I'll leave it at that for now because it's always changing!

Fun fact?

i never plan a class! I put a playlist on and GO!

In 3 words how would you describe your teaching style?




Your yoga love story – when/how did you fall in love with yoga?

well I tried writing a short and sweet yoga love story but how do I sum up 14 years! So if you have a few minutes please read my yoga love story and maybe it will reignite that love of yoga in your life!   

i started going to yoga when I was 14 or 15 with my mom once or twice a week to help gain flexibility for figure skating. it was a small room and an ashtanga class (my cousin taught it) in my hometown (Swift Current, SK). Back when you used cds and everyone wore the bell bottom lulus and gym shirts to yoga. Oh and I’d fall asleep every time in savasana. I thought that’s what you were supposed to do! 

I kept up with the practice during university. I would go to hot yoga (anywhere that had the cheapest classes or best student deals) and I would go 3-4 times a week at the end of the day of studying. It was the only way I could unwind from the day. I would get memberships when I was home in the summer. 

in 2012 I moved to GP and went to a few classed in a super cute home based studio but I was looking for a more physical practice. I had a lot of energy to burn since i was at a desk job. And then my practice actually came to a complete halt because I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to practice in this town at a brick and mortar yoga studio. Without a place I could practice (and I wasn’t confident enough to move on my own) I didn’t practice for 8 months! Finally I gave in and realized it almost didn’t matter how much it cost because i NEEDED yoga. I got back on my yoga practice and for the first time I wasn’t practicing ashtanga. I didn’t even realize it because i just needed to movement so bad that it didn’t matter then style. I got back into my routine. went to classes every week and then started thinking about taking a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training because I was curious. I wanted to learn more than what an hour class can give. I started looking at trainings all around the world. Got to know teachers through social media and their books. I started going to all the studios in town and started attending free classes (this is where I met Cortnie and Gary! I was expanding my yoga practice and i LOVED it! 

I was on a surf and yoga retreat in Panama December 2015 that I noticed a video releaase of some exciting news from Cortnie + Gary (it’s gotta be somewhere on youtube and needs to be reshared, it’s priceless). Even though I was on holidays with very little service, i had to watch it and it was that they were opening a STUDIO! I was pumped! From the moment RAD opened you couldn’t get rid of me. And it was within a couple weeks of being open that they asked me if I wanted to do a 200hr Yoga Training with them! I couldn’t believe it. I’m usually someone that takes a lot of time and consideration into making most decisions but this one seemed easy. it felt right. It was the best thing I could do. And I haven’t left RAD since. I’ve taught almost every day since November 2016 and there’s no turning back. 

I continue to learn and share. it’s my passion. It’s an endless cycle of learning and inspiration and It’s been almost 15 years on this yoga journey and I’m still falling in love with it every day. Teaching classes fills my tank. and i hope coming to my classes fills yours!