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Lynai Daniels

instagram handle / @rad.nai

What inspires you?

When I ask someone how they are doing and they really tell me. Real connection and conversation with other humans keeps me grounded, connected and energized.

Fun fact?

The middle toe on my left foot is inexplicably small and I am pretty good at limbo.  

In 3 words how would you describe your teaching style?




Your yoga love story – when/how did you fall in love with yoga?

I first tried yoga in a dance class when i was 15. Sun Sal A. We used it to warm up at the beginning of each class. At the time I had no idea that it was called Sun Sal A or why i looked forward to it. Only that some part of me had formed a connection to the way those movements felt in my body. Throughout my 20's I practiced yoga on and off. Sometimes regularly. Sometimes I had a home practice and sometimes I only went to studios. I took prenatal yoga classes pretty consistently through pregnancies with my 3 little boys. When things would get busy my practice would dry up but I always found my way back to my colorful little rectangle. It seemed to be the only place I'd ever been that my body, mind, heart and soul were together in the same place. And it felt so good. I decided I didn't want to just dabble in yoga anymore. I wanted to base my life around the level of presence I felt on my mat. Taking my teacher training with the RAD life has been a huge step in that direction. Spending time with so many different humans who are also looking for more from life and learning how to share the gifts of yoga and mindfulness. I'm ready to show other people how good it feels to spend time with their bodies, minds, hearts and souls on their own colorful little rectangles.