Mind + Body building show (3).png

theRADfuture: Mind + Body Building Show

Saturday, November 3. Doors open at 4:00 pm, show starts at 4:30 pm.

$5 at the door for adults, kids attend free! All proceeds go back into theRADfuture programs.

We’re so grateful for each and every RADgirl, RADyouth, and RADminis Preschool child who has decided to participate in our event, and we hope you can make some time to come out and show them some love and support! We’ve given the parents + participating kids a rundown of how the event is going to go, and here’s the DL:

Part 1 - The kids will come out one at a time and walk the stage doing something with their body. Now, this can be posing, dance moves, waving to their fans, spinning in circles, a yoga pose, etc. Whatever they feel most comfortable doing!

Part 2 - The kids will come out again and show us their talent, whether it’s acting, dancing, drawing, singing, telling jokes, teaching about science, showing us yoga poses, whatever!

Part 3 - The questions. The kids will answer a few questions about themselves and share with the audience!

We are SO excited to be able to give these little ones a chance to shine! Everyone is encouraged to come, if you are a parent of a child currently enrolled in theRADfuture sessions, check your emails!