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Kate Weber

instagram handle / @rad.kate7 @fullheartproject

What inspires you?

Good coffee, my daughter, travelling, going outside, good humans, innovation and progress in education, books, Buti.

Fun fact?

I hate socks

In 3 words how would you describe your teaching style?




Your yoga love story – when/how did you fall in love with yoga?

I started doing yoga when I was 15 because of an injury playing sports and it has since been my steadfast companion for all the most trying times in my life. My practice has evolved as I have learned and experienced more - I just became a certified BUTI instructor and I LOVE it! I was inspired to bring yoga to my classroom and help other teachers bring yoga and mindfulness into theirs - so RADeducators was born in early 2018 and we have since trained two AMAZING groups of educators to boldly stand up for mental health and play in their classrooms. I am grateful everyday to have the opportunities to teach, do yoga and write.