Amy Flasko

Amy Flasko.png

What inspires you?

There is so much that inspires me, where to begin. Nature inspires me, and I make every effort to embrace the outdoors as often as possible, this fuels me. Selflessly kind people inspire me and remind me often to be kind to myself as much as to others. And learning, everyone has something to teach and I love to learn.

Fun fact?

I study caribou, ride horses, summit mountains, skijor with my dog and enjoy camping in the back country :D

In 3 words how would you describe your teaching style?




Your yoga love story – when/how did you fall in love with yoga?

Movement, connection to the body, and learning to be present, content and mindful are just a few of the things that I've taken from yoga and strive to apply to my life every day. It is an ever-ongoing practice and I love learning. Practicing yoga has taught my mind and body so much and continues to do so all the time. So it is no wonder how easily I was drawn to it and continue to practice.