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The RADeducators program is focused on cultivating a sustainable practice of mindfulness, positivity, responsibility, passion, healthy relationships and presence for students to take with them throughout their dynamic lives both in and out of school. It is necessary to reevaluate our approach to health and wellness in school because the pressures on our young people is more intense than ever, and we as a society are seeing the effects of this play out in the form of mental health issues rising in our young population. It is the aim of this program to radically change how we approach mental health in our classrooms and hopefully reduce the number of mental health crises, behavior problems and focus issues through simple mindful movement practices.


The RADeducators program uses an inquiry-based approach to learning and, as outlined in the Alberta Ministerial Order of 2013, this approach is necessary to build engaged, ethical citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit in our students. The program is designed with holistic student-centered health in mind and using a question-based approach, will promote curiosity and deep personal engagement.


By becoming a RADeducator, you will be able to facilitate the a radical new approach to wellness for your class, division, team, club, school or district. It will give you the tools to form students who are invested in their health and wellness in all aspects as well as develop a caring and compassionate school or team culture.

What YOU get:

This training program will consist of 3 days of intensive wellness programming as well as basic yoga instruction that will allow you to take back the RADeducator ideas and implement them right away in your own classroom, team, club or school. You will receive a manual, basic yoga instructional tools, community supports an discounted access to the online lessons and supports for further learning.

November 29 - December 1 8am-8pm

$625 (payment plans available and qualifies as professional development)

This training will be held at theRADlife. The studio is located in the Marki Place Building (across from the Farmers Market). Our address #200, 10104 – 101st ave, Grande Prairie, AB, T8V 0Y3. 

If this is something you are interested in – click below to sign up while we have space available! If you have any questions or concerns – give us a call at 587.202.YOGA(9642), email info@theradlife.ca or stop by the studio!