RADminis Preschool :: kids age 3-5

Allowing littles to be little and focus on loving themselves.

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Alternative preschool grounded in mindfulness, movement, academics, creativity and unstructured free play. Using inquiry based learning and empowered unschooling to facilitate problem solving, team building and resiliency, allowing personal power to flourish.


Welcome to an alternative preschool environment for your little one – introducing RADminis Preschool! Specializing in a culturally sensitive and inclusive environment deeply rooted in mindfulness, movement, creativity and unstructured free play opportunities that will help your child feel safe, loved and valued. Beyond the stress of reading scores and standardized testing, this opportunity will set up a strong foundation that will undoubtedly prepare your child for their future. We believe in allowing children to learn and grow at their own rate and our preschool reflects this deeply rooted respect for young learners to set their own pace. Our mission is to encourage children to develop wonder and cultivate curiosity for meaningful exploration of the world around them.


Using an inquiry-based learning platform, your child will be the master of their own learning allowing personal power to flourish through curious exploration of their environment and varied learning topics. Children will know that they matter and that their learning journey might look different than others and that is okay! They will explore their gifts as well as learn about and respect the gifts of their peers in a small group setting. They will have endless opportunities to explore their passions and creativity as this is the foundation from which they will find deep engagement and meaning for other learning opportunities in their futures.

Having a social-emotional focus for our preschool allows your child to learn to self-regulate through creative yoga practices and breathing meditations. This knowledge of emotional intelligence will be of immeasurable value as they face adversity and stress throughout their dynamic lives. Our instructors will provide opportunity to explore arts and crafts, nature, movement, free play, and will ensure children feel ready to take meaningful risks during their time at RADminis Preschool. The unschooled environment will offer ample opportunities to work on team building, problem solving and develop resiliency during mindful game play. The RADminis Preschool is focused on whole child education- mind, body and soul – to help your child THRIVE by setting up a strong foundation for growth to flourish. Instruction will be flexible to accommodate needs and interests of each learner in our small group setting of no more than 15 children. In this small group we will be able to ensure every child has a personalized learning environment to meet their diverse needs and interests.

All of the skills your child will acquire at RADminis Preschool will launch them into life ready to problem solve, resolve conflicts and speak up for themselves while also valuing the gifts of others around them and learning to honour differences. They’ll play, dance, explore, create, question, as well as learn to love themselves and others. There will be basic competencies of speech, mobility and every day tasks appropriate for their age group woven into language-rich instruction that will allow students to blossom in their learning. Topics range from, but are not limited to, kindness, emotional exploration, manners, positivity, self-confidence, goal setting, and respect for self and others. With loving instructors, an environment that encourages discovery, curiosity and values passion your child will bloom in our RADminis Preschool. We can’t wait to start our learning journey together!


Fall 2019: September 10 - November 29

Monday - Friday: 8:45 am - 12:00 pm

***First day of preschool is TUESDAY September 10

  • NO preschool Monday October 14th & Monday November 11th

Winter 2019/2020: December 2, 2019 - March 6, 2020

  • NO preschool December 23, 2019 - January 3, 2020

Spring 2020: March 9 - June 5

  • NO preschool April 10-17, 2020

Two day options: 
Monday + Wednesday OR Tuesday + Thursday.
One day option:

2 days a week $175/month
1 day a week $90/month

You can choose to pay in full for the entire 12 week session, or choose the monthly billing options.
To register, click “sign up” under the option you would like to bring your child to.

RADminis Preschool is led by Chelsea Guerin

Chelsea has been helping with kids programs at theRADlife for the past year and thinks the kids teach her more than she teaches them most days. Even helping teach skills like cutting, coloring, kindness, abc's and 123's doesnt even compare to the lessons a child can teach an adult. Whether it be patience, fun games, using your imagination or how to love unconditionally she has loved every moment of the program. Getting the opportunity to be a mentor to so many amazing kids has been truely life changing. Chelsea is forever grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your little ones and looks forward to seeing all the kind faces next session.


RADminis Preschool is located at theRADlife studio in the Peace Building at #200, 10104 – 101 ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 587-202-9642 or carley@theradlife.ca.