RADleaders 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

For TEENS ages 14-19 / Summer 2019

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To empower and mentor youth through yoga, transformation and leadership - to BE THE CHANGE they want to see in the world and live their most Radiant, Authentic, Dynamic life.


We envision a world where youth feel free to be themselves, follow their passions, live their purpose and share their unique magic.

This is more than a yoga teacher training, over the 200hrs we will mentor you to up-level and transform in all areas of your life. RADyoga Teacher Training is life changing and we’re taking this one to a whole new level by making it specifically for teens.

theRADlife is a space where everyone feels safe, supported and seen. It is a sanctuary where you can learn, grow and evolve into your highest self. Our method cultivates intuitive teaching, creativity and self trust. We cover all areas - from the physical practice to the business of yoga, personal development and leadership. You’ll be trained in Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga, which means you’ll have a strong understanding of how to perform and cue poses safely. You’ll learn how our bodies are unique and where we need to adjust poses to suit everyone’s anatomical structure. We will help you find your voice in yoga and identify the way you learn to maximize your experience. Our approach is modern, sustainable and transformative - the tools you learn can be used in an abundance of ways throughout your life journey.

Along with becoming a certified RADyoga teacher, you will become a certified RADleader. RADleaders empower, teach and mentor others to live and lead rooted in their own passion. They see and own the power they have in giving themselves and others tools to be fiercely unique, follow their dreams and live a life they love. There is so much opportunity out there for all of us, our potential is limitless and this training will give you a deep understanding of who you are and what magic you have to offer. It will give you resiliency to stand in your truth and confidence to follow your passions and purpose with ease. We are dedicated to helping you thrive as a RADleader and change maker.

This training will be lead by our founder Cortnie Clarke (E-RYT 200), and co-lead by Anna Kjemhus (RYT 200).

Cortnie’s biggest mission and deepest passion is to work with teens who wholeheartedly want to make a positive impact in their lives, communities and the world. She has been dreaming of this training for over 9 years and is thrilled to finally make it a reality. Cortnie created this training because she sees the need for today’s youth to be immersed in their own self-discovery. There is so much pressure and stimulation in the daily lives of teens and this course gives them time to connect to their authentic truth and own the power of their voice. Her wish is that from this immersion the teens gain a deep level of confidence and clarity in who they are so they can cultivate the resiliency to follow their dreams and share their magic.

Anna has become intensely passionate about self-care, self-acceptance and creating healthy relationships and boundaries since she found yoga and theRADlife. Her mission is to inspire youth of all ages and backgrounds that they are enough exactly as they are, and that they deserve respect and acceptance ALWAYS. She believes that teens are facing an extremely challenging time where competition and pressure are overwhelmingly present in their lives. Her dream is to help teens become sure of themselves EXACTLY as they are, and to guide them into owning their power, sharing their voice, and living FIERCELY.

Along with Cortnie and Anna, you will have the pleasure of learning from an incredible collective of RADyoga Teachers + Mentors.


In this program you will learn:

  • The foundations of physical practice (asana)

  • Breathing techniques (pranayama)

  • The benefits and techniques of meditation (dhyana)

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Ethics and conduct

  • Physical anatomy and alignment

  • Energetic anatomy and alignment

  • Mindfulness

  • Embodiment

  • Teaching styles and methodology

  • Communication skills

  • Healthy boundaries

  • The Business of Yoga

  • Our mission and purpose

  • The Chakras and Human Design

  • The power of your authentic voice and how to use it

  • Physical and energetic benefits of postures

  • How to teach others to build strength, mobility, and flexibility in their bodies

  • How different each body is, giving you life-changing knowledge that will serve you no matter where your path takes you.

This course is a chance for you to focus on what truly matters to you. RADleaders 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance certified course for any teen who is passionate about making a difference in their life and the lives of others. This course consists of 2 x 1 week long in studio immersions and 3 weeks of at home/online work in between. Over the 2 in studio weeks, you will get to connect with a collective of like-minded teens in a space that encourages and shows you how to hold space for each other, collaborate with each other and support each other - no matter what! We are all about community, compassion and collaboration! For the 3 weeks of at home/online work you will be given guidance and goals to accomplish, such as;

  • Leading friends and family through yoga practices

  • Reading

  • Webinars

  • A HEARTwork project that will change the world ;)

Once you have completed this, you will be Certified Yoga Teacher and you'll be able to teach yoga internationally! Whether you want to teach or not, the skill and tools you gain will last a lifetime and can be applied to many careers.


New Dates coming soon!


Early-bird: $2220.00
Full Price [Paid in full]: $2440.00
Full Price [Payment Plan]: $2666.00
$400 non-refundable deposit


200hr Registered Yoga Training
2 months of unlimited yoga (value $190) & all clubRAD perks
RADyoga training workbook
Lifetime access to an online group where you will be continually supported, inspired and connected to a collective of RADleaders and mentors.


Taking a teacher training is a BIG commitment - you’ve read all about us and now you’re convinced that this is THE training for you. Now it’s time to get to know you since we’ll be spending a lot of time together. So take the first step by filling-out this application form and we’ll get back to you ASAP with more information.

We want any teen who is passionate about taking this training to have the opportunity - so if for any reason (financially or time wise) you feel like you can’t make it work, please contact Cortnie at cortnie@theradlife.ca or call the studio at 587.202.YOGA(9642) and we’ll do our best to work with you in making it happen!

If you want to help a teen in need be able to take this training, please donate below! 100% of the funds donated will go directly towards tuition for teens in need.