Who: We welcome expectant women who are ready to step into their primal power by connecting to their intuition. You will be joined by Katie Higgins, an experienced doula and certified Yoga Teacher, who will share her knowledge of making informed + personalized decisions that YOU connect to. She will inspire you with her wisdom about how to achieve an empowering birth + a safe and sacred space of your own, to bring your baby into your life!


What: This class is about more than yoga. It is about creating space for connection, support and empowerment. In our fast pace society we get lost in what we think we should do rather than tuning in and making decisions that align with who we are at our core. Pregnancy is a time when women should feel the innate + instinctual power that has been passed down from our grandmothers. It shouldn't be a fearful time. This class will connect you with your intuition as a woman + mother, and help you stay connected to that feeling through your birth and throughout motherhood. We are creating a sisterhood of mamas to lean on and receive encouragement with through this magical, messy journey from maiden to mother.


How: During each weekly class we will enjoy a 45-minute gentle yoga practice to connect you to your changing body, breath + baby, as well as 45 minutes of intentional conversation and discussion intended to ignite curiosity and lead you to trust to your fierce motherly intuition. You can expect topics to include: fears + excitement, birth interventions + birth wishes, self care + identity, labor tool kit, breathing techniques and much more!


Why: Katie has been a doula since 2011 after the birth of her first child . Each birth she has attended has shown her the strength, determination and power women have. Katie believes birth should be something women treasure and feel empowered by, NOT disappointed and fearful of. She wants every women to go into their birth feeling strong, empowered and completely supported, and there is no better way to do this than by having a community of women behind you, cheering you on. After taking her yoga teacher training at theRADlife, she couldn't wait to morph her two passions into a beautiful offering for women in their motherhood season. Katie has been practicing yoga for eight years and loves how the practice connects her to her breath and intuition while allowing her to get out her head and into her body. She uses yoga as a tool to challenge herself physically + mentally and to slow down in the moments of wildness as a mother. She is a warm, curious, open and cannot wait to get to know all of you!


When: Sundays from October 14 to November 18

3:30 - 5:00pm


Investment: $125


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