a 3 day journey of awakening + untangling your soul

Discover how you change your life by shifting your energy, embracing your infinite potential and unlocking your highest SELF. Tap into your intuition to discover your life’s purpose. Gain tools to align and design the life you know you’re here to live. Become brave enough to rebel against who you’ve been taught to be and trust in your inherent abilities to manifest the divine abundance that is meant for you.

When we tune into how we feel we can cut through to our inner knowing, release the false stories and conditioning we’ve trained ourself to believe and embrace our truth and vulnerability.
You have everything you need within you, you just need to untangle your soul and uplevel your consciousness. This weekend is for any woman ready to remember her power, awaken her fierce feminine energy, discover her authentic essence and embody her highest SELF.

Are you ready to magnetize your desires and manifest abundance in all areas of your life?
Are you ready to take responsibility of your life and live in Energetic Alignment of who you really are?
Are you ready to awaken your true power?

Immerse yourself in a weekend of:
+ untangling your truth
+ upleveling your power
+ redesigning your life 
+ aligning your soul and aura
+ discovering your authentic essence
+ awakening your feminine energy 
+ remembering who you came here to be
+ connection
+ real conversations 
+ vulnerability 
+ soul spilling
+ energy work
+ Human Design
+ sisterhood 
+ rituals
+ movement 
+ guided meditation
+ wine
+ popcorn 
+ chocolate
+ fun!

Next dates to be announced

Investment: $555 (payment plans available)

Step into your Light + Activate your Power. If this is calling to you, click below to sign up now while there’s space available.

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