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Yin 5 Seasons: Spring

When: Sunday, April 28 @ 7:00-9:00pm

Inspired by the Taoist wisdom rooted in nature, join us for a 2 hour yin yoga + meditation practice with an optional offering of essential oils + soft assists to evoke the harmonious flow of chi associated with the season of Spring. We will learn about the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s element of Wood and its relationship to the Liver and Gallbladder meridians. When there is disharmony within the meridian lines, it may manifest as anger, frustration, resentment and irritability in one’s own human experience.

Traditional teachings speak of Spring as a time of transition from Winter’s dark days of hibernation to Summer’s expansive light. Spring is a time to cultivate creativity, determination and expression, allowing us to blossom into a state of determination + ease.

For more information on the practice of yin yoga, join us Tuesdays @ 8:15pm for YINspiration. A 75 min all levels practice of yin yoga + meditation.

Price: $25 (clubRAD members save $5)

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