Sunday, April 14 @ 10am-5pm (with a lunch break)

A 7 hour in studio transformational course in Human Design. Cortnie will give you the Blueprint to your souls path and purpose, giving you a deep understanding of your unique design and guiding you through how to thrive as your authentic self.

The Human Design System is a method of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation.
Human Design brings awareness and light to your emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic makeup, giving you self-empowering tools to align with your unique design and uplevel to your highest potential in every area of your life.

Human Design brings together the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, Astrology, I Ching, Chakras, modern science, Quantum Physics and Genetics. All you need to know is your birth information and you get your unique chart and operating manual that tells you how you are designed to make decisions, communicate and thrive. When you begin to live aligned with your design it will be noticeably easier to fall into to free flow of life as your authentic self. Manifesting what you truly desire and want in your life then becomes that much more easy as human design allows you the permission to trust yourself and what you want.

This course is a process of self-discovery. It will give you a deep understanding of your advanced chart - reducing confusion, stress and resistance. This course will give you your own personal blueprint to live your best life, awaken you to your untapped potential and empower you to live your purpose. Cortnie’s modern approach to Human Design gives you permission to be exactly who you know you are by connecting you with your inner truth and teaching you what is innate in you. You'll understand how to know when your living as you ‘not-self’ and how to align with your ‘true-self’.

This course is designed to show you how and where you're out of alignment, provide the tools to bring you back into alignment with your purpose and empower you to live in flow. It will teach you how to listen to your individual inner authority so you can make decisions that keep you on the path your soul is here to take. The most powerful thing we can all do is live aligned with our design, Cortnie will give you the power to do that.

This is not about changing who you are, it’s about remembering who you’ve always been and giving yourself permission to live as your authentic self.

Over the 7 hours, you will learn;

- your energy type and how to live it
- the difference between the 5 energy types, manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors
- how your aura + energetic body best interacts with others
- your inner authority and how you are designed to make decisions
- how to understand your nine energy centers and what it means if they are defined or undefined
- how you best manifest in this world
- the environment you thrive in
- how you best digest food, thoughts + information
- how you communicate best with others
- how to live aligned with your true self
- your strengths in work + relationships
- the difference between emotional + non-emotional beings
- how non-emotional people best interact with emotional authority types
- the different waves of emotional inner authority, which is yours and how to thrive with it
- and so much more

To take this course to the next level and provide you with even more life changing information, Cortnie will provide up to 5 additional advanced charts for anyone of your choosing. Any friends, partners, extended family or siblings in your life you want to improve relationships with. Having their chart will allow you to see how they impact you and each other and help understand them on a deeper level.

Investment: $155 (10% off for clubRAD members) 

***DYNAMIC DUO DEAL - $222 (Sign up with your significant other, teenager, parent or a friend and each save $44)***

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RADcourse :: Empowered Living through Human Design

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